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We are the Schmidt family and we have been proud stewards of our small farm and ranch in Kneehill County, Alberta since 1913.

Five generations later, we continue to honour our family’s legacy by providing high-quality, hormone, steroid, and antibiotic-free beef products to customers across the province.


Our farm is in the heart of prime Alberta coulee and pasture country, surrounded by fertile cropland, providing the ideal conditions for our small hybrid farm and ranch operation. We take pride in the way we raise our cattle – they are grass-fed and grain-finished with our own feed before being delivered straight to your door.

Smokey Farm Meats is a newer addition to our family business. We acquired the popular Chestermere, AB business in 2001 and merged it with our long-time operation. This allowed us to build a premium processing center and personally prepare our Alberta beef products for you. Our promise is that our products will always go directly from our gate to your plate.


We are a dedicated, family-driven business and we try to let our values speak through the relationships we have with our customers. We strive to provide quality, commitment, and convenience with every order. Thank you for supporting our family farm!


Tracy, Sylvia, Daylon, TJ and Santana

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hormone steroid, and antibiotic-free alberta beef

The Schmidt Family