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Check out our frequently asked questions about your Alberta beef order below. Can’t find the answer you need? Follow us on social or contact us, we’re happy to hear from you!

No! The insulated packaging and cold packs will keep your beef frozen until you get home. Normally, the package will be left at your door if no one is home. This is because of the perishable nature of fresh meat. The customer should be aware of this and will assume all liability for the package after delivery. In some circumstances, if the delivery driver is not able to successfully deliver your product, they will make another attempt the next day or the package will be held for pick-up.

Due to the vacuum-sealed product, the cold packs, and the insulated packaging, your beef will stay frozen for 2 days while out for delivery. Bear in mind that temperature conditions can vary. Please remove your order from its delivery packaging to a freezer as soon as possible.


To maximize the efficiency of our operation, and to ensure your beef arrives as fresh as possible, Smokey Farm Meats ships all packages on Tuesday. Except under exceptional circumstances when orders may be shipped Wednesday or Thursday. You can then expect your order to arrive within a couple of days. Orders should arrive at their destinations sometime between 8 AM – 8 PM.
We call it the Gate to Plate Beef Club and it’s designed to be the most convenient and affordable way to enjoy our beef products. The Club offers discounted access to pre-made box options, as well as the flexibility to customize your box. You choose the frequency of delivery (usually 30, 60 or 90 days) and we take care of the rest. Best part? There are no commitments! Change, pause or cancel your subscription at will.
Once your order is transferred from us to the courier you will receive a tracking number by email.

Smokey Farm Meats will ship to any valid shipping address in Alberta, though shipping costs may vary.

Our payment options include e-transfer, as well as all other major payment options through Paypal. This ensures a safe, reliable, and professional transfer of funds to and from our small operation!

Yes! The cold packs are safe! but they should always be handled safely. Once your package is open, you can carefully pick up the cold pack bags and dispose of them. Your order may be very cold and you may want to use a glove to unpack it.

Since 1913 our family farm/ranch operation has been in Kneehill County AB. Nestled amongst prime farming and grazing land between the villages of Beiseker, Acme and Carbon.

Like any farm/ranch operation, we don’t exactly keep standard hours. But in general we can be reached by phone or email from 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM MST Mon-Fri.

We are hoping to establish both a Carbon and Calgary pick-up location soon. Stay tuned!

If you are in Alberta and we are unable to deliver to your area it is because the courier is unable to guarantee a timely delivery or the courier is unable to pinpoint your address. The inputted address must not be a land location.

You choose what you want in your meat package as well as whether you want it on a subscription basis or as a one-off. Then we take several steps to ensure that your package stays cold and fresh until you receive it. This includes packing your order with a cardboard exterior box, an insulated lining, vacuum-sealed beef cuts and cold packs. Then we use the express delivery service of a reliable third-party courier to deliver your order to the provided shipping address. From there it works just like any other package delivery. Your order will stay frozen for 2 days while in transit. Upon receiving your meat box, simply transfer the contents to a freezer, fridge or BBQ grill depending on your needs and that’s it!

If you are looking to try our beef to make sure it lives up to the hype before diving in, then try our Taster Box! It’s a smaller, cost-orientated package that contains a few of our favourites; so you can get a taste of what the Gate to Plate Club is all about!

Yes. We have a minimum order of $150. This amounts to the price of our Taster Box, or a custom assortment of cuts adding up to $150.

The weight, packaging, and unique nature of shipping meat along with the requirements of our third-party courier means that shipping costs vary based on order and the receiver’s location. We use a reliable third-party shipping reseller, as well as the lowest cost courier possible to minimize shipping costs for our customers. You will be charged for the cost of getting your package from our gate to your plate and nothing more!

In addition to the convenience of at-home delivery, several factors contribute to our prices. These factors include the price of feed and required pasture to raise grass-fed animals; the additional costs associated with ethical practices; the additional time it takes to raise an animal to its ideal slaughter weight when that animal was not on unnatural steroids or hormones; the lack of an economy of scale associated with running a small family farm/ranch operation as opposed to a massive feedlot operation etc. We promise that we only charge what is necessary to deliver a quality product to you and that the difference in quality and service will more than make up for the difference in price.
Our cattle are grass fed & grain finished. All-natural and pasture-raised is what keeps our animals lean and healthy, however generations of experience have taught us that this should be balanced with finishing on high-quality grain for the final weeks of the animal’s life. This combination is what provides the unique marble and amazing taste to our beef that our customers know us for.